Aerial Observation Services is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive RPAS course that will enable pilots to learn not only the regulations for flying your RPAS (drone) in Canada, but also detailed insight on many RPAS related subjects.

This Program was developed by Both Qualified General Aviation and Commercial RPAS Pilots, that have many hours of flying experience.

Introduction to RPAS (Drones)

This course is recommend for new RPAS pilots  both recreational and commercial,  This course is designed for recreational (Basic) RPAS pilots and takes approximately 30 hours online to complete.

For commercial (Advanced) RPAS Pilots the course has a second part which consists of an additional 16 hours (or 2 classdays).

(See RPAS Advanced)
​With the implementation of strict Transport Canada regulations in the past few months for both recreational and commercial RPAS pilots understanding  these complex regulations  has become challenging. It is critical that we all understand rules!