Aerial Observation Services can provide you with industry specific RPAS services. Our extensive background in Emergency Services has prepared us to offer RPAS services that focus on the needs of First Responders and the work that they do. 

Aerial Recon

AOS can provide an "eye in the sky for incidents that are large in logistical scope to provide the incident commander with real time input for stategy and tactical decision making.


AOS can provide an economical solution to diaster management by providing an aerial perspective to asset management. 

Thermal Images

AOS employs FLIR camera technology to do both reconisence and search & rescue missions in the early stages of an incident. 

Search & Rescue

AOS uses LOC8 software to over fly search missions which have gone cold i.e. greater than 48 hours old. 


​AOS can help you to achieve greater situational awareness at your next large scale emergency. Accountablilty of your personell will be enhanced and therefore so is the overall safety fator!

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AOS has a DJI RPAS & pilot that is right for your emergency situation, we are on standby 24/7 to answer your call day & night!  
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