1. Q
    Where can you fly your RPAS?
    We can fly across Canada, in various classes of airspace depending on the local authority and the risk to other air traffic and people. Flying over people or in large metropolitan areas are permitted under our blanket SFOC.
  2. Q
    What RPAS do you fly?
    AOS exclusively uses DJI products for all operations. We fly the DJI Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, & Matrice 210. Our higher end systems fly in high winds, bad weather, and have multiple redundant safety features.
  3. Q
    How high, far, long, can you fly?
    It all depends, but in general we can fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) or around 1-2 miles from the visual observer. Typically flight times are 20-30 mins depending on the RPAS used and the weather. Flight altitudes are typically 400 feet above ground to comply with Transport Canada regulations.
  4. Q
    Why do you use RPAS to collect data?
    RPAS allows AOS to collect much higher resolution data over a target than any other method would. RPAS remove the human element form the equation, allowing the computer to take the risk, and fly the unit. This lowers the risk for the customer, and keeps our people safe at the same time.
  5. Q
    How are we different from other companies?
    We are not just RPAS pilots, we use RPAS as a tool to get data. Once we get the data we use our expertise to provide the best information to our clients. We also use high quality RPAS that are commercial grade units with the best sensors available.
  6. Q
    Are you available for consultation?
    AOS is always available for consultation on all things RPAS related. We specialize in video / photography, inspections, and emergency services applications of RPAS technology.
  7. Q
    Are you authorized to fly RPAS?
    Yes all of our pilots are Transport Canada approved to fly RPAS in the Canada, and our systems are TC compliant. We can fly in various air spaces, but typically need approval from the air traffic control.
  8. Q
    Do you provide RPAS pilot training?
    Yes, AOS provides both basic & advanced RPAS training. We do this with our training partner Excel Flight Training Incorporated at the Lethbridge Airport. We also provide specialty training for emergency services providers that want to utilize this technology.